This Is Where It Ends: the Denouement of Post-Internet Art in Jon Rafman’s Deep Web

Jon Rafman, You Are Standing in an Open Field (Waterfall), 2015
Jon Rafman, You Are Standing in an Open Field (Waterfall), 2015

Due to gross neglect of this blog, it’s taken me this long to post about my review of Jon Rafman’s solo show at Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, which Momus published back in early July. At around 3000 words, it’s one of the more substantial pieces that I’ve written and I’m grateful to my editor for running it at its full length (minus a few footnotes). The exhibition itself just closed last weekend (along with David Altmejd’s equally popular solo show) after bringing in a record number of visitors for the museum.

I think it’s fair to say that my review also attracted more interest than most of my writing has to date. I’m very happy to announce that this piece will actually be republished soon in another venue. More details to come.


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Saelan Twerdy

Saelan Twerdy is a freelance writer based in Montreal and a PhD candidate in Art History at McGill University. He is a contributing editor at and his writing has appeared in venues such as Canadian Art, Border Crossings, C magazine, Magenta, Blackflash, Bad Day, and The New Inquiry. He has also contributed to books and exhibition catalogues published by Concordia University's FOFA Gallery, Fogo Island Arts/Sternberg Press, and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. Contact me at saelantwerdy at gmail dot com.

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